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Available in single lounge and dual lounge configurations, the XL900 is in a league of its own. The best of everything in a hot tub is here in the largest available size on the market. 

Both an outdoor entertainment centre and a therapeutic spa retreat, the XL900 stands alone as the luxury leader. 


  • 92 in X 132 in X 38 in
  • 1950 litres
  • 2 waterfalls
  • 2 X 7 bhp pumps + 1 balneotherapy pump ultra-quiet and energy efficient
  • Empty: 1,727 lb / Full: 6,000 lb
  • LED lights
  • Air/water multi-jets
  • SimpleClearTM Ozone and UV hybrid sanitation system
  • Internal components made in Quebec
  • Lucite® acrylic shell
  • Insulated and soundproof cabinet
  • Ecological RMAXTM insulation
  • S Series: Sound & Style system with 4 Phantom speakers 
  • 6 inch deluxe cover
Type: Hot Tub

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