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Inspired by the latest trends, and with superior massage efficiency, it’s an essential added-value spa. The Urbania presents a modern and unique design with additional features that the most discerning consumers are looking for in a spa: a cascading waterfall, L.E.D. lighting, stainless steel jets, and much more.

- Plug & Play

• No electrician required for 120V installation.
• 100% convertible to 240V if needed (by an electrician).
• Plugs directly into the wall.

No hassle installation.

• Sits on any solid, level surface.

Adjustable ambient lighting

• Cascading waterfall with L.E.D. backlighting (4)
• L.E.D. main light (1)
• Exterior front L.E.D. lights (2)

 - Jet Therapy

• 16 adjustable stainless steel jets including 2 jets for neck massage and 2 jets for foot massage
• Water path around each jet

Before positioning our jets in the Urbania, we tested it with over 50 people of different sizes to ensure that each jet was in the right place.

Type: Hot Tub

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