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Spa Boss - Spa Clean 1 tablet

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Thoroughly cleans your spa from the inside out! Deep cleaning of the interior and piping of your spa during the 3 monthly water change over. Also ideal for use when treating a new spa or swapping over from traditional sanitizers to AquaFinesse.

  1. Remove the filter and open all the valves. Raise the chlorine level in your spa to between 3-5 ppm.
  2. Ensure all jets, diverters and air controls are set to the open position. Dissolve Spa Clean Tablet in a bucket of water and add to spa water.
  3. Activate pumps on high speed for 20 minutes.
  4. Repeat 2-3 times or allow 6-12 hours for a deep clean.
  5. Empty hot tub, rinse with fresh water, replace filters, refill with fresh water, add chlorine shock.
  6. Resume normal AquaFinesse operation.