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Spa Boss - Alka-Rise 750 gm

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Raises the total alkalinity in your spa and acts as a pH stabilizer. Low alkalinity will cause your pH to bounce and promote corrosive water and attack surfaces. Alka Rise will prevent erratic changes in the pH levels and it will help the bromine or chlorine in the spa/hot tub work more efficiently. Easy to broadcast over the hot tub surface and save to use hot tub after application. Best always to test alkalinity levels when your chlorine and bromine are at normal levels to get an accurate reading.

  • Comparable product to Spa Guard Balance Pak 100, Beachcomber Resist, Arctic Pure Perfect Balance, Dazzle Pro Balance TA+, Spa Essentials Alkalinity Increaser, Rendezvous Alkalinity Up and Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser.