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The Storm gets its name from nature. The often uncontrollable force of nature that is the storm reminds us of the powerful movement of water and the constant warm currents when we use the Storm spa; however, you can be in full control of this one. The Storm spa is equipped with 20 resistant stainless steel jets placed in such a way as to provide you with a unique and varied massage depending on your position or where you are sitting in the spa.

Seat variety is important in a spa, so we equipped the Storm with two ergonomic captain’s chairs of different depths that can suit different body shapes and a comfortable hybrid triple bench that can be used in sitting or reclining position, a must in our opinion! With its illuminated quadruple LED cascading waterfall, 4 exterior corner lights, as well as a powerful main light, you can be assured that your evenings will be filled with an exclusive ambient light.

Finally, this affordable spa has an air control button with a dual-speed pump that allows improved control of the water flow, all at your fingertips. The Storm has nothing to envy the much more expensive spas that are more often than not much less comfortable. This 110V quick-connect spa is easily convertible to 240V.


- Dimension 82” x 72” x 35”

- Estimated dry weight oF 310 Lbs.

- Water capacity 1000 Liters

- Convertible to 110v or 220v

Type: Hot Tub

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