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Sterling Silver
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The Commander F-1655 features both therapy and bench-style seating areas with the addition of the Cal Spas Exclusive Vertical Hydrossage™ station. We invite you to get well and attain fitness! Our swim system features 2 River Jets on top to provide smooth upper body resistance, while the lower 2 Old Faithful jets provide added resistance and lift, making this system perfect for swimmers looking for a great aquatic workout to burn calories and increase muscle mass. Over 11-feet of unrestricted fitness area allows for intense treadmill swimming sessions which keeps the swimmer in place. Large enough for a group of up to 12 with contoured bench seating. Do not underestimate the power of the Jet System V which is powerful enough for EXPERT-level fitness swimmers!


Standard Features

• Sterling Silver Acrylic Shell

• Dimensions: 93” W x 200” L x 51” H

• 2,500 Gallon Water Capacity

• 1 x 6.0 BHP Eliminator High Performance™ Pump 240v Op. Vol.

• 3 x 6.0 BHP Swim Jet Pump Including 2.5” Plumbing• Pure Silk™ Water Management System

• 23 Exclusive Candy Cane Jets

• 5 Swim Spa Jet System: V

• 54 Rain Jets Vertical Hydromassage

• 27” Stainless Steel Exercise Bar

• Floor Mounted Swim Lane Marker

• Fitness Anchors

• Tether Anchors

• Y-Pillows

• Gate Valves

• Floor Drain

• 100 Sq. Ft. Bio-Clean Filter™ with Teleweir

• Multi-Colored LED Spa Lighting